Copyright 2004 U. von Grafenstein
Position:        Chercheur/Ingénieur CEA
                Diplom-Geologe (1983, Kiel, Germany)
                Dr. rer. nat. (1984, Kiel, Germany)
                Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (2002, Orsay, France)

20 years research on environmental and climatic changes in Europe, with concentration on the scientific basis for the use of lake sediment isotope records as quantitative climate indicators. Beside a strong implication in field work, my experience covers catchment hydrology, actuo- and palaeolimnology, ostracode biology and palaeontology, sedimentology and isotope geochemistry. Actually, I am  contributing to two PNEDC project on "Little ice-age" climate variability in Europe, and on model-data intercomparison of mid-holocene high-frequency climate variability. I am also participating in an ECLIPSE project aiming to to detect and quantify Holocene extreme flood events recorded in Lac de Bourget sediments. I am  implicated in the reconstruction of the palaeohydrology and deep-water formation of the Caspian and Black Sea using stable isotope records from benthic ostracodes. Main focus is, however, the quantitative reconstruction of European decadal climate variability as expressed in the oxygen isotope composition of past precipitation (ESF-EuroCLIMATE project DecLakes) and its comparison to the Greenland Ice core records .
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