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Lac d'Annecy progress November 2007

DecLakes related work on Lac d'Annecy contains  high-resolution records for the last millenium, the millenium bracketing the 8.2 kyrs cold event, and high-resolution of the late glacial (15 kyrs to 11 kyrs BP) using a 15-m-long sediment core taken in 2000 AD from the "Grand Lac" (main basin).

Ostracode lab work is finished for the last millenium and in progress for the two other hires sequences. An oxygen isotope  record for the last 600 years is already finished and will be published soon in a paper concentrating on the comparison of instrumental temperature records and temperature proxies. A second publication on a medium resolved oxygen isotope record from Lac d'Annecy will follow.

Futur plans are to complete the the record in high resolution within a project focussing on a multi-disciplinary project aiming to decipher climate and man-made paleoecological changes in the French Alps.