Work Packages
Coring and field-based core documentation
This part of the project will be organized and coordinated by LSCE, LGCA, and GFZ which will provide the necessary field equipment adopted especially to the type of lakes and experienced staff for it's use (von Grafenstein, Brauer, Desmet, Nomade). However, scientists and technicians of all the project partners will assist during the field work, to assemble sufficient work force (ideally 8 persons) for coring and land-based core documentation and processing, which will include core opening, documentation of visible marker horizons, core section correlation, fine preparation, numerical high-resolution photographs, magnetic properties and spectro-colorimetry, and ostracod sub-sampling in the field. Archive core material will be stored in cold rooms at LGCA-France, LIÖAW-Austria and GFZ-Germany). The coring of all new lakes will be done within the first half-year of the project starting with Italian lakes, followed by Mondsee and finally Jezioro Hańcza. A realistic estimation of the time needed to core one site, including travel and interruptions by unfavorable wheather conditions, is two weeks.            
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Coring and field-based core documentation
Varve-based and radiometric dating
Hydrological and limnological observation
Ostracod taxonomy, morphometry, and separation
Stable isotope analyses
Modelling and interpretation


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Work Packages
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