DecLakes Partners
LSCE, France
        Ulrich von Grafenstein (Coordination, Ostracods)
        Georg Hoffmann (Isotope and Climate Modelling)
        Valérie Masson-Delmotte ('le boss')
        Jean-Louis Reyss (Radiometric Dating)
        Alain Mazaud (Magnetic Properties)
        NN (Lake and regional Modelling, Post-Doc)

EDYTEM, France
Marc Desmet (Sediment Properties, Remote Sensing)
        Fabien Arnaud (Sediment Properties, Human Impact)
        Jérôme Nomade (Age Models, Sediment Properties)

Leibniz-Labor Kiel, Germany
Nils Andersen ('El Microcampeon II', Carbonate Isotopes)
        Matthias Hüls (Radiocarbon Dating)
        Pieter Grootes (Radiocarbon Dating, Stable Isotopes)
        Helmut Erlenkeuser ('El Microcampeon', Carbonate Isotopes)
        Hans Cordt (Analytical Software Development)

Limnologie Mondsee, Austria
Dan Danielopol (Ostracod Taxonomy, Ecology, Morphometry)
        Tadek Namiotko (Ostracod Taxonomy and Ecology)
        NN (Ostracod Taxonomy and Ecology)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Angel Baltanas (Ostracod Taxonomy, Ecology, Morphometry)
        NN (Ostracod Taxonomy and Ecology)

GFZ-Potsdam, Germany
Achim Brauer (Age Models, Sediment Microfacies, Coring)
        Jérôme Nomade (Age Models, Sediment Properties)
Regione di Lombardia
Andrea Piccin (Seismic Survey Iseo)
University of Waterloo
Trish Stadnyk (Isotope Runoff Modelling)
Université d'Orléans
Emanuel Chapron (Seismic Survey and sedimentology)



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