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Sebino progress November 2007

DecLakes plans on Lago d'Iseo (Sebino) were to obtain a new sediment record containing the last 15000 years, to establish a low resolution oxygen isotope record from this period and   high-resolution records for the last millenium, the millenium bracketing the 8.2 kyrs cold event, and high-resolution of the late glacial (15 kyrs to 11 kyrs BP). Based on seismic profiles and a bathymetric survey made available by Andrea Piccin (Regione di Lombardia), we choose a coring position in the strait between the island Monte Isola (the highest island in a lac in Europe) and the town Mare Salesino.

The coring campaign in October 2005 was unfortunately very much perturbed by nasty weather (heavy rain throughout the 10 days) and by technical problems. We got, nonetheless, 16 m of sediments. First radiocarbon dates indicated relatively a young age for the base of this core (around 5000 years BP). We therefore decided do come back to the site in May 2006 to prolongate the core with better adapted equipment.

The May 2006 field campaign was very successful, providing a complete sediment sequences of 19 m from 18 two-meter-long overlapping sections. In addition, we got two deeper sections (~20m-22m and ~23m-26m). Overlapping and going deeper was impossible due to technical limitations.

In November 2007 a seimic survey (3.5 kHz) was carried out with the help of Flavio Anselmetti (EAWAG, Zürich) and Andrian Gilli (ETH, Zürich), which will help us  to better understand the sedimentologic setting of the SEB05-2 coring site.