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Hydrological and limnological observation
In addition to published limnological data and accessible results from ongoing limnological surveys, we will collect monthly water samples from the major contributors and the lakes' outlets. In order to avoid regular and expensive travel we will try to motivate local persons (from the hydrological surveys or private) to collect and adequately store those water samples. For the lakes without meteorological stations integrated in the WMO/IAEA network for isotopes in precipitation (GNIP) we will try to find appropriate meteorological stations which will be equipped with simplified monthly rainfall collectors. Water samples for the isotope-hydrological 'calibration' of the water balance models are only necessary for the two Italian lakes, for Mondsee and for Jezioro Hańcza. Ammersee and Lac d'Annecy have been isotopically monitored within earlier studies. The isotopical analyses of water samples will be performed at LSCE-France. 
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