Work Packages
Coring and field-based core documentation
Varve-based and radiometric dating
Hydrological and limnological observation
Ostracod taxonomy, morphometry, and separation
Stable isotope analyses
Modelling and interpretation
Varve-based and radiometric dating
GFZ-Germany and LGCA-France (assisted by LSCE-France and LLK-Germany for the analytical part) will be responsible for the construction of the core chronologies. Concentrating this part of the work on a small group will warrant core chronologies of the same high quality for all sites, profiting from the compatible tools and knowledge from both laboratories. Both GFZ-Germany and LGCA-France have excellent expertise and facilities for sedimentologic and magnetic analyses, high definition photographic documentation with additional special experience of LGCA-France in spectro-colorimetry, and GFZ-Germany in the production and analyses of thin sections for varve-counting as well as non-destructive physical core logging (GEOTEK). A full-time post-doctoral researcher, already having experience with the applied methods, working under the responsibility of Dr. A. Brauer at GFZ-Germany, and efficiently collaborating with Dr. M. Desmet at LGCA-France and with Dr. J.-L. Reyss at LSCE-France, will be needed to perform this part of the project. He will also be responsible for the field-based core documentation and processing, and provide the material for the AMS-14C measurement at LLK-Germany and LSCE-France. Micro-facies analyses on thin sections will further enable the detection of micro-tephras which then will be separated and analyzed for tephrochronology.
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